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    Complex IT Made Simple

    When you have a difficult data problem to solve, or need an expert to guide your organisation through its disconnected data sources, G3M can help. We aim to drive real business intelligence upon which any organisation can rely and drive competitive advantage.

    We specialise in delivering user-friendly IT Solutions:
    • Database Development
    • Web Apps
    • Data Consultancy
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    Expertise… We are best at

    Database Development


    Implementing database development, data cleansing and transformation will help your business perform better. We offer simple transformations and upgrades to complex integrations with massive data sets for any size business.

    Web Apps


    Are you looking for an app to streamline your business procedures? We can build fully customised Web Apps that deliver technological solutions to your business needs.

    Business Intelligence Reports


    We can help your organisation gain more insight, across more data, and drive better outcomes in every aspect of your business with our specialist knowledge of business intelligence tools.

    Web Design


    Whether you need to create a website from scratch, or take your existing online presence and transform it into a real marketing tool, we can deliver it for you.

    Why work together

    1. We offer free consultations and advice before initiating any project.
    3. We focus on your corporate objectives and take time to find out what makes your business tick then give you the best advice.
    2. We will explain everything, to whatever depth you want to go, based on our extensive industry experience with a broad range of clients.
    4. And what you would expect… professionalism, reliability and on-time delivery.
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