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    What we do

    Database Development

    We are specialists in database development, data cleansing and transformation, from simple transformations and upgrades to complex integrations and massive data sets. We are used to working with complex data in a diverse cross section of industry sectors.

    Web Apps

    Our web application developers specialise in Microsoft technologies to develop professional, robust and user-friendly custom applications for clients of all sizes; from facilities management and transportation through to financial and consultancy services industries.

    Data Consultancy

    Throughout all projects we focus on the corporate objectives and can guide any organisation through its often vast and disconnected data sources. We aim to drive real business intelligence upon which any organisation can rely and drive competitive advantage.

    Offering a wealth of experience in data preparation, Business Intelligence, acquired software skills and effective strategies to deliver easy-to-use complex IT solutions.

    Who are we?

    When looking for a data migration specialist, experts in Microsoft BI or web application developers who can deliver robust and user-friendly custom applications for clients, G3M can help.

    How do we work?

    Working equally well as individual project leaders or as part of a team, our flexible approach and aptitude for support and trouble shooting deliver a competitive advantage for our clients.

    What experience do we have?

    Our broad spectrum of industry experience includes; Accounting and Finance, Agrochemicals, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Prime Brokerage, Investment Asset Management, computer gaming and e-commerce.

    The Process

    Clearly explained steps for easy understanding

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    We work with you throughout the entire process.Ask for help

    People say…

    Sectors we’ve worked in…

    • Accounting and Finance
    • Agrochemicals
    • Manufacturing
    • Facilities Management
    • Prime Brokerage
    • Investment Asset Management
    • Computer Gaming
    • E-commerce