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    Accountancy & Financial Services, Facilities Services, Agrochemicals, Prime Brokerage, Asset Management, Manufacturing


    SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014; Excel; Power Query; Get & Transform; SSIS

    Project overview:
    With the amount of data flow around organisations these days it’s easy for data management teams to get overwhelmed. Keeping track of backups, on-site storage, cloud-based, off-site, redundancy, replication and corporate data finding its way on to employees personal devices things are getting very complicated in the data sphere. It is also a constant surprise that many fairly substantial organisations have no strategy around data, the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is still relatively rare in organisations today. Data is often seen as the domain of the IT team and often left to team members not qualified to really look after the databases. There is blind faith that the likes of MS SQL Server or Oracle will take care of themselves!

    Over the years G3M has seen all manner of situations that required forensic-like analysis of database logs to understand what went wrong in a database, with which user and what system even. Gone are the days when one database might be undated by a single application. This means that good database design is more important than ever and the basic principles have not changed in decades despite all the talk of big data and the cloud revolutionising things.

    Through our experience G3M has become accomplished and sorting out corrupt data, reorganising and re-seeding databases to restore data integrity.

    If you have a suspect database that users have lost faith in its accuracy or are regularly experiencing performance issues, G3M can help.


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