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    Retail, Telecommunications, Transport, Charities, Entertainment / Computer Games


    Azure Mobile Services; .NET; C#; SQL Server 2008, 2012; SagePay; WorldPay; PayPal; HTML; CSS; Java Script; Bootstrap; Entity Framework; Silverlight; XAML

    Project overview:
    Much has changed in the world of commerce since it was possible to take payments online, it’s been revolutionary in terms of business-to-consumer websites for purchases. Legislation has been slow to catch up but the laws surround PCI compliance and what information you can and can’t keep about your customers can be complex and expose your organisation to risk. Keeping your customers information safe and your business too should not be taken lightly.

    At G3M we have conducted many extensions to enable businesses to transact with their customers online from integrating off-the-shelf shopping carts, to PayPal, World Pay and SagePay. But for the full user experience there is nothing like a fully integrated payment processing solution, with your own merchant account.

    Much depends on the scale of your online shopping experience and the volume of customers you expect to receive. It is technically possible to get a shopping cart setup and running on most websites within a few hours, but if you are serious about taking care of your customers even with the simplest of shopping experiences you have to plan the workflow and make sure that you are not creating problems for existing offline experience or exposing your business to additional risk. It is not uncommon for banks to refuse businesses online merchant accounts, purely because certain consumer goods attract higher degrees of online fraud and the bank doesn’t want to carry the credit risk on charge backs.

    At G3M we can guide you through this minefield step-by-step and ensure you get the great e-commerce shopping experience your business needs. Whilst remaining compliant and keep your data and your customers data secure.


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