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    Accountancy & Financial Services, Facilities Services, Agrochemicals, Prime Brokerage, Asset Management, Manufacturing, Retail


    Azure; .NET; C#; SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014; SSIS; SSAS; DTS; Integration Services; Analysis Services; Power Excel; Office 2010, 2013, 2016; XML

    Project overview:
    Migrating between systems can be a daunting challenge, one that’s easy for operational teams and senior managers to overlook. We often hear “How hard can it be the data is the same, both systems do the same job surely you just load a spreadsheet or something”… G3M knows that all systems are not alike and all database structures are not the same. It takes time and analysis to map across fields from one system to another, often that seems easy at first. It is reasonable to expect two finance systems to have similar looking fields. The trouble comes when the two systems take a different approach to how they are used, and the all-important data types of those fields can be very different indeed. After all, why would you be changing systems if they were the same?

    Required or key fields are often very different as well and one application might have more or less business logic embed in the application. This creates work in translating the data and more than a few headaches. Even with modern systems that allow APIs to aid integration and load data still need that data to be mapped, missing or partially populated key data to be filled in. This can be hard graft and the time taken to do it can be considerable if you do not plan upfront for it. A few days of analysis by G3M can highlight the risk areas and the potential data areas that are going to be a headache and we can help you build automated feeds to migrate your data on deadline day without any nasty surprises.


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