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    Facilities Management, Accounting and Finance


    Azure; .NET; C#; Xamarin; MVC; SQL Server 2012; RAD – Continuous Deployment; REST/SOAP; Web Services;

    Project overview:
    Developing mobile applications for the modern business is relatively new. We are all used to downloading Apps for private use on our mobiles, but not many of us are using Apps on our phones to support our working day. This is changing fast! Apps are creeping into the corporate world and the pace is hotting up.

    The reason for this is that cloud services are now maturing to the point where corporations feel it is safe to move part of the operations into the cloud. G3M is working with clients to build a range of business-to-business, business-to-employee and the most challenging to get right business-to-consumer base apps. When developing these Apps we often hear the phrase lets start small and keep it simple. By that they mean simple for the user, and that’s great, developing simple task based Apps aimed at engaging employees in new ways sounds simple, but the amount of work that goes into developing an App so that it appears simple and behaves as we expect takes time and effort.

    Corporations want to be able to let users use their own devices, they can be running anything from Windows, Android or iPhone and there are numerous builds of all these operating systems for the huge number of devices out there.

    Not only that, it’s easy to push full steam ahead and start developing, but without a proper plan and set deliverables these projects will drain your cash fast and you never get a satisfactory application at the end of it.

    At G3M we are committed to the Microsoft based server developing cloud based Apps using the new Mobile Services within Azure and developing Native Apps with a single code base using Xamarin and C#. This gives us the capability to rapidly build and deploy Task Based Businesses Apps to the cloud and either fully or partially integrate those Apps with your corporate environment. We always supply the back office tools you need to keep your data clean, reliable and secure.


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