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    Mobile App Development

    Project overview: Developing mobile applications for the modern business is relatively new. We are all used to downloading Apps for private use on our mobiles, but not many of us are using Apps on our phones to support our working day. This is changing fast! Apps are creeping into the corporate world and the pace..

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    Database Clean Up

    Project overview: With the amount of data flow around organisations these days it’s easy for data management teams to get overwhelmed. Keeping track of backups, on-site storage, cloud-based, off-site, redundancy, replication and corporate data finding its way on to employees personal devices things are getting very complicated in the data sphere. It is also a..

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    Data Migration

    Project overview: Migrating between systems can be a daunting challenge, one that’s easy for operational teams and senior managers to overlook. We often hear “How hard can it be the data is the same, both systems do the same job surely you just load a spreadsheet or something”… G3M knows that all systems are not..

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    End-to-End Business Intelligence

    Project overview: The sheer volume of data organisations are gathering is accelerating. It seems everything is a potential data point for analysis these days. This data is fast becoming the new battle ground for organisations searching for those cost savings or insights that lead to a competitive advantage. This can be very overwhelming. Often there..

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    E-Commerce Web Design

    Project overview: Much has changed in the world of commerce since it was possible to take payments online, it’s been revolutionary in terms of business-to-consumer websites for purchases. Legislation has been slow to catch up but the laws surround PCI compliance and what information you can and can’t keep about your customers can be complex..

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    Cloud Computing

    Project overview: What is all the hype about cloud computing? Well in a nutshell really it’s nothing more than remote hosting, something many organisations have been doing for years. In recent times though remote storage has become available to the masses as the costs have tumbled and many large organisations see the ‘Software as a..

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